Upcoming Events

Volunteer Meet and Greet: Meet your fellow Rikers volunteers at our spring meet and greet! This will be time for administrative volunteers from all our workgroups and classroom teachers to mix and mingle. Come learn about the great work volunteers in the other arms of our organization do, what plans we have for the coming year, and how you can continue to stay involved in various efforts!

Spring Fundraiser: Have a drink with us for a good cause! Invite your friends and join us as we share updates on the launch of our newest debate class at the Rose M Singer Facility, talk about our goals for 2017, and tell you new ways to get involved through teaching class or helping with other efforts.

Past Events

Samantha Bee Chairs our Second Public Debate: Following a successful public debate on Prisoner Enfranchisement in October, the Rikers Debate Project held another public debate as an opportunity for our students to showcase the debate skills they’ve developed. After an internal tournament in the class, the top two debaters were chosen to pair with two of our teachers and debate a new topic at the GRVC Visitors center.

First Public Debate: Our first public debate featured Rikers Debate Project Teachers Rocky Lotito and Alex Taubes partnering with inmate champions Juel Roundtree and Terrell Wigfall. The debate topic was “Should Prisoner’s Have the Right to Vote”

Winter Party: We threw a successful winter fundraiser at 10 degrees bar on December 16th. We secured dozens of donations to buy supplies and make other investments into our new class at the Rose M Singer Center.